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Reading Books Makes You Better

5 Good reads to get you started

Books we think are an essential foundation to your apologetics library

These are the books we would recommend starting with if you are new to apologetics. They are accessible and engaging with a minimum level of challenge

 1) On Guard by William lane craig

This is the popular-level version of the main work of Dr William Lane Craig, (entitled Reasonable Faith). In On Guard the reader is introduced to the main arguments for the existence of God, as well as how to articulate and defend them from anticipated objections, as well as evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Also, the main arguments against the existence of God are considered. The book’s format makes it appropriate for individual and group study, with questions for the reader and explanatory notes in the margin. The style is open and engaging and it’s a good primer for exploring the subject areas in greater detail. What I think is really good about this book are the maps or schematic diagrams of each argument, with the likely retorts that the apologist will receive, and how to answer them. This is a very practical way of equipping the Christian for dialogue and makes the book suitable for giving to a mature teenager.

Also available as an audiobook.


The next steps

Intermediate level books to deepen your understanding of apologetics


The Universe Next Door 

James W. Sire, Fifth Edition, IVP

This book catalogues several 'worldviews' which have found influence in the West, and is essential reading. It places Christian theism in the context of competing ideologies; naturalism, nihilism, existentialism and so on. Whilst not exhaustive, Sire manages to summarise very diverse subjects in an accessible way.