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Recommended Audiobooks

The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel's main work, read by the author, the Case For Christ looks at evidences for the reliability of the New Testament and for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It's relatively fast-paced and compelling.

The audiobook lasts about 10 hours and is reasonably easy to listen to whilst driving.

Read the book review here.

The Case for Miracles, Lee Strobel

If your faith needs a boost, you could do a lot worse than listen to Strobel's CFM; which takes you through the evidence that God is still supernaturally active in the lives of his children today. As with other books in the series, there is the token appearance of a sceptic at the beginning to lay out the evidential problems that need addressing.  Strobel then takes us through the research on miracles from top-notch academics and examines claims that scientific studies on prayer show it has no effect. This is a very contentious subject, and claims of healing can mean a lot of distress for those who have prayed but are not healed. Strobel treats these thorny issues with care and tact, and the overall effect is a renewed sense of the reality of God and his activity in the world.

The Universe Next Door,
James Sire
Hovel Audio

Sire's work describes and evaluates the competing options for viewing the world. The treatments of eastern thought and the New Age movement are especially fascinating. Placing your faith in God in the context of the alternatives is surprisingly encouraging.

Check out my review of the book.

The Reason For God,

Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller's modern classic and a genuine dialogue with out skeptical culture in the west. A good place to start if your're new to apologetics.

Read the book review here.

Fool's Talk,

Os Guinness

Recovering the art of Christian persuasion, and injecting a healthy dose of realism, humility and wisdom into our attempts to be advocates for the Christian faith. The kind of thing you want to listen to before you look at any other major apologetic work.

Read the book review here.

Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace

Like Lee Strobel’s ‘The Case for Christ’ (CFC), Wallace’s book is a foundation level appraisal of the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament, using legal and forensic principles. Wallace, like Strobel, came to faith from atheism, after critically examining the evidence. Unlike Strobel, Wallace is (or was, he has since retired) a Los Angeles homicide detective working ‘cold’ cases.


Whereas CFC is accessible and chatty, with the human interest of the interviews, Wallace’s work is more narrowly analytical. It is clear from CCC that Wallace is not messing around when he suggests using forensic principles to examine the NT. For example, he describes the issues with treating the gospel’s as based on eye witness testimony, but resolves them with clarity by using his forensic skills in witness statement analysis, and helps us set up reasonable expectations about apparent contradictions.


One gets the impression that Wallace is an experienced defender of Christianity, and his confidence in the overall reliability of his subject is communicated by his robust and carefully argued work.


Although less accessible than CFC, Cold-Case Christianity is a more serious treatment of the same subject, though still general to be of use to non-academic Christians. It is worth listening to just hear his treatment of NT canonicity and gospel reliability using the ‘Chain of Custody’ principle.


Reasonable Faith

A weekly podcast from Dr Craig looking at objections to the Christian Faith from a philosophical perspective...

Design Concrete

Unbelievable with Justin Brierly

These podcasts usually involve a debate between a believer and skeptic on current topics relevant to faith


The Veritas Forum

Invites contributions from leading Christian thinkers and skeptics, often about scientific topics

Modern Structure

Defenders, William Lane Craig

A weekly podcast from reasonable faith based on his adult Sunday-School class teaching Christian Doctrine.

Abstract Structure
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