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How we help

Resources to generate exciting discussions

These are resources designed to help you engage with your children about how the Christian Faith is grounded in reality.


We take you through:

-How to make the most of a regular time each week

-How to set realistic goals

-How to use, or sometimes avoid structure

-Major themes your conversations might focus on

-How to make engaging with your children’s faith exciting and enjoyable for all

The prepared parent

Resources for your own faith


How to engage with the faith of your child

Making the time

What is apologetics?

learn about an oft-neglected aspect of discipleship

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How to develop your own structure for encouragement sessions

“In high school and college Christian teenagers are intellectually assaulted with every manner of non-Christian worldview coupled with an overwhelming relativism. If parents are not intellectually engaged with their faith and do not have sound arguments for Christian theism and good answers to their children’s questions, then we are in real danger of losing our youth. It’s no longer enough to teach our children simply Bible stories; they need doctrine and apologetics."

Dr William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith

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